Graphic Design | Motion Graphics
Project Statement

As I began using illustrator, I attempted to learn more by using tutorials of specific tools and creating shapes and logos to refine my skills. This is how I spend majority of my time as I enjoy branding and creating vector designs. My current goals are to create more 3 dimensional works and to refine my skills in generating design.

This will also include sample of my motion graphics because lets be honest, its nice to watch things on portfolios rather than reading every last detail.

My Process

During the process of creating a logo, I begin to generate common trends, phrases, ideas and concepts and begin to generate ideas from the combination of the 4 outcomes. Through that I begin sketching for a duration of 1 hour as I believe that once I look at the same logo for multiple hours, I begin to create more of the same ideas and find repeating characteristics of the designs.

Sheridan Project Management

In the past I have had clients approach me to create logos for their company. I begin with the client describing their company and giving me a short description of what they do. I then create mock ups for the client and send in a stylized PDF and will then dictate which iteration that want me to go forward with. With the first project, I was approached by a member of the Sheridan Student Union to create a logo for the Sheridan Project Management Club which comprised of coding based students.

King Chrono

Another company that contacted me was King Chrono. King Chrono is a company that sells designer watches at a cheaper price. They contacted me asking for a designed logo that is elegant and is used a gold trim with a darkened background. They specifically asked for the frame set to either a stopwatch or a hand watch. In the end the client had asked me to refine a color palette that helps display the logo and was pleased with form and shape of the logo.

Motion Graphics